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McDonnell Douglas DC-10 Medium to Long Range Widebody Airliner

This Aircraft is Designed in response to the same American Airlines requirement as the Lockheed TriStar, the DC-10, despite a sometimes troubled past, was the more successful of the two widebody trijets. Although originally conceived as a twinjet, the DC-10 gained a third engine at the base of its vertical tail to meet an American Airlines requirement that the aircraft be capable of operating from existing runways.
The DC-10 subsequently was launched in February 1968 with orders from American and 
United. First flight took place on August 29 1970. The first anscontinental range DC-10-10s entered service with American in August 1971. By then work was already underway on the tercontinental range DC-10-30 which introduced more powerful engines, additional fuel tanks and a third main undercarriage unit.
Most DC-10s built were
30s (including convertible 30CFs and pure freight 30Fs), while the 40 is a Pratt & Whitney JT9D powered variant ordered by Northwest and JAL. The United States Air Force ordered 60 CF6 powered DC-10s as KC-10A Extender tanker Transports. A number of major and catastrophic accidents marred the DC-10's service record in the mid to late 1970s, but the various causes of these accidents were overcome and the DC-10 continues to operate reliably. Production ceased in 1989. The Boeing MD-10 conversion for Federal Express involves fitting DC-10s (both current freighters and "new" ex airliner freighter conversions) with a two crew Honeywell VIA 2000 EFIS flightdeck with six LCD screens.
The instrument panel layout is identical to that in the MD-11, and 
pilots can be qualified to fly the two interchangeably. First flight was on April 4 1999, while the first of 89 MD-10 conversions for FedEx was delivered on May 9 2000 (the same day the conversion was certificated). Boeing is offering the MD-10 conversion to other DC-10 operators.

DC-10-30 - Max speed 982km/h (530kt), max cruising speed 908km/h (490kt). Range with max fuel and no payload 

12,055km (6505nm), range with max payload 7415km (4000nm). DC-10-40 - Speeds same. Range with max fuel and no 

payload 11,685km (6305nm), range with max payload (& JT9D-59As) 7505km (4050nm).

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