Monday, 11 September 2017

Lockheed L1011 TriStar 500 Long Range Widebody Airliner

Lockheed L-1011 TriStar 500 Long Range Widebody Airliner 
The Lockheed L-1011 TriStar is a Three Engine Medium- to Long- Range Widebody Jet Airliner for up to 400 passengers produced by the US-American manufacturer Lockheed Corporation.
The L-1011 TriStar 500 (L-1011-385-3) is a long-range variant with shortened fuselage (-4,11m / 13ft 6in) and a capacity of 
max. 315 passengers (typical 253). All other variants have a length of length 54,17m (177ft 8in) and a capacity of max. 400 passengers (typical 234). The TriStar was Lockheed's last Commercial Aircraft.

Much like the DC-10 (sans military involvement) the L1011 started with a request from American Airlines for a widebody 
Airliner smaller than a 747 that had similar, if not identical, range. The L1011, unlike its competitors, was a much more Optimized Design. 
Though mechanics and engineers disliked an engine being hidden in an S-duct in the aft fuselage behind the pressure bulkhead, it was more aerodynamically efficient. The Aircraft was one of the first to feature a truly independent  autoland system (it was, indeed, the first aircraft the FAA certified for Cat-III-C autolandings), even automated descent  control. This Aircraft was on the bleeding edge of technology. So advanced, in fact, that the original and long-term goals of  the L1011 were to manufacture it as a “ Jumbo Twin”.

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