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Zenith Zodiac CH 601 light Two-Seat Aircraft

 Zenith Zodiac CH 601 light Two-Seat Aircraft

The Zenith Zodiac CH 601 is a popular light two-seat Aircraft designed for recreational Flying and personal transportation. Developed by Zenith Aircraft Company, it's known for its simplicity, durability, and ease of construction. It's categorized as a kit-built Aircraft, meaning that enthusiasts purchase the components and assemble it themselves, often with guidance from the manufacturer.

Here are some key features and specifications of the Zenith Zodiac CH 601:


The CH 601 is typically constructed from aluminum, with riveted construction techniques common in Aircraft manufacturing.


It features a low-wing configuration with a tricycle landing gear, making it relatively easy to handle for Pilots of varying skill levels. Its sleek design contributes to its efficient performance.

Engine Options: 

The CH 601 is designed to accommodate various engines, including traditional piston engines and even some modern alternatives like electric motors.


With a typical cruising speed of around 100-120 knots (115-138 mph or 185-222 km/h), the CH 601 offers respectable performance for its class. It has a relatively short takeoff and landing distance, making it suitable for operation from smaller Airfields.

Cockpit: The cockpit of the CH 601 is designed with simplicity and functionality in mind, providing the Pilot and passenger with adequate space and visibility for comfortable and safe Flying.


The Avionics suite can vary depending on the preferences of the builder, but typically includes standard instruments for nAvigation and flight monitoring.


Though it's a small Aircraft, the CH 601 can carry a reasonable payload, typically accommodating two occupants with some luggage or cargo.

Overall, the Zenith Zodiac CH 601 is favored by amateur builders and Pilots looking for an affordable, reliable, and enjoyable Aircraft for recreational Flying and short-distance travel. Its popularity stems from its approachable design and the satisfaction that comes from building and Flying one's own Aircraft.

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