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Top Aircraft Manufacturers in the World by Jesvita Mendonca AeroSpace Engineer

 Top Aircraft 🛩️ Manufacturers ✈️ in the World by 👮🏼‍♀️ Jesvita Mendonca AeroSpace Engineer 👩‍🔧

1.Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJ):

Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJ) is a business unit of Airbus that produces corporate jets derived airline sers. To be sure, it is located in Toulouse, France and builds a range of single-aisle jets.

Historically, ACJ introduced the A318 corporate jet in 1997. Currently, 213 ACJ jets are in operation, and another 222 aircraft are  ordered. ACJ manufactures narrow-bodied aircraft based on the Airbus A320 family.

2.Boeing Business Jet (BBJ):

Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) produces VIP corporate jets based on Boeing airliners, primarily the 737 series. Typically, BBJ jets offer large cabins and long flying



The Challenger series includes the 350 and 650 models. Specifically, the 350 belongs to the super midsize category of jets. Over the last decade, the 350 has been the sales leader in its segment. In contrast, the 650 is a large business jet with worldwide reach and the widest cabin in its class.

The portfolio of BBA business jets includes the Learjet, Challenger, and Global families.

4. Beechcraft:

Beechcraft is a subsidiary of Textron Aviation, but started as the Beech Aircraft Corporation in 1932. Historically, Textron acquired Beech Aircraft in 2013 after the latter went bankrupt. Today, Beechcraft produces four lines of private aircraft.

Bonanza Series: Powered by a single piston engine, the Bonanza has been in continuous production since 1947. Beechcraft has produced more than 17,000 Bonanza planes in various configurations, including V-tail models. Impressively, the Bonanza G36 has a range of 920 nautical miles and can hold six occupants.

Baron: A twin-engined piston airplane first introduced in 1961. With room for

eight, the Baron G58 can travel 1,480 nautical miles.

King Air: This is a family of twin-turboprop models, comprised of Models 90, 100, 250, and 350i

T6 Texan II: This is a single-engine turboprop trainer


Cessna, founded in 1927, is another subsidiary of Textron and currently produces three lines of aircraft

Citation: This line comprises several models, from the entry-level M2 to the recently certified Longitude. The Longitude is a stretched version of another Citation model, the Latitude, with a new swept wing and T-tail. Also, the Citation Sovereign+ holds 12 passengers and has a maximum range of 3,200 nautical miles.

Turboprop: Cessna's single engine turboprop models are the Denali, Caravan, Grand Caravan EX, and SkyCourier. The Denali is a model with room for up to 11 occupants. Caravan offers rugged flexibility and utility for up to 14 occupants. Grand Caravan EX offers a maximum range of 964 nautical miles. SkyCourier can handle heavy payloads and up to 19 passengers.


Piston: The Skyhawk is a trainer with a sophisticated glass cockpit. Skylane, with a 230-horsepower engine, is a favorite first airplane for new pilots. The Turbo Stationair HD holds six occupants and features dual aft cargo doors.

6. Dassault Aviation:


Headquartered in Paris, Dassault's history traces back to 1929 and founder Marcel Dassault. Specifically, it produces military and civil aircraft, the latter including the Falcon, Breguet, Hirondelle and Communaute.

Falcon is the primary family of business jets, dating back to the first delivery in 1965. Incredibly, Falcon jets have accumulated more than 18 million hours of flight time across 90 countries.

7. Embraer Executive Jets:

Embraer Executive Jets, a subsidiary of the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer, offers four executive jet families.

Legacy: Offers three midsize business jets; the 450, 500 and 650E. Praetor: The 500 and 600 are

improved variants of the Legacy, selling for $17 and $21 million, respectively. The 500 seats 9 passengers with a cruise speed of 466 knots and a range of 3,340 nautical miles.

Lineage: The Lineage 1000 entered service in May 2009. Indeed, through the end of 2018, Embraer has built 28 1000's, and you can buy one for $50 million.

Phenom: The Phenom 100 is a light jet with more than 350 units in service. It can hold up to seven passengers and can accommodate an optional belted toilet. The Phenom 300 can hold 11 occupants and fly 1970 nautical miles.

8. Gulfstream Aerospace :

Gulfstream Aerospace is a subsidiary of General Dynamics. For the record, it is located in Savannah, Georgia and employs 13,313 workers. Historically, it has been manufacturing business jets since 1958. Notably, all six Gulfstream jets hold up to 19 passengers, except for the 10-passenger G280.

The top of the line model is the Gulfstream G650ER, with a range of 7,500 nautical miles. Furthermore, it can accommodate up to 4 living areas and reach a top speed of 0.925 Mach. This model offers premium features, such as 100% fresh air replenishment every two minutes, quiet cabin, and panoramic windows.

9. pilatus:

Based in Stans, Switzerland, Pilatus has been making airplanes since 1939 and

is the world's largest manufacturer of single-engine turboprops. Most of these are military trainers like the U.S. Air Force's "Texan II."

10. Textron:

Textron Aviation manufactures Cessna, Beechcraft, and Hawker branded airplanes.

Jesvita Melisha Mendonca

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