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Lake LA4 Buccaneer Amphibious Light Aircraft

 Lake LA4 Buccaneer Amphibious Light Aircraft

The Colonial Aircraft of Sanford, Maine developed the C-2 Skimmer in the 1950s as a four-seat variant of the earlier three-seat C-1 Skimmer. The name was changed to Lake in 1959, along with some design improvements. Produced until 1970, this version was designated as the Lake LA-4 Amphibian.

From 1969-1972 the company sold some LA-4s modified under a Supplemental Type Certificate as flying boats, without landing gear, but with removable beaching wheels, under the name Lake LA-4S Seaplane.

In 1970 a 200 hp (149 kW) fuel injected Lycoming IO-360 engine was fitted and the resulting aircraft named the Buccaneer. This model replaced both the LA-4 and Seaplane in production and has a higher cruise speed as well as 200 lb (91 kg) increased gross weight. Fuel tanks were also added to the wing pontoons, with 7.5 US gal 28 l per side, taking fuel capacity from 40 US gal (151 l) to 55 US gal 208 l.1

A six-seat development in 1982, with a lengthened hull was named Renegade, this had either a 250 hp (186 kW) or a turbocharged 270 hp (201 kW) engine. A military version was called the Seawolf

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