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Gulfstream American GA-7 Cougar

The Gulfstream American GA-7 Cougar is an American all-metal, 4-seat, Twin-Engined Light Aircraft. The Cougar was a twin-Engine Development of the Gulfstream American AA-5B Tiger and traces its lineage to the AA-1 Yankee Clipper and the Bede BD-1.

The Cougar is a twin-engined low-wing Cantilever Monoplane using a honeycomb and bonded metal construction that is the hallmark of the line since the BD-1. The prototype's single spar wing was upgraded to a double-spar configuration and this allowed a wet wing.

The Cougar is powered by a pair of Wing-Mounted Lycoming O-320-D1D Engines of 160 hp (119 kW). It carries four people at maximum cruise speed of 160 kn (296 km/h) and a Typical cruise speed of 140 kn (259 km/h). It was certified under US FAR Part 23 on 22 September 1977. 

GA7 - Max speed 311km/h (168kt), max Cruising speed 296km/h (160kt), Typical cruising speed 260km/h (140kt). Initial rate of climb 1150ft/min. Service Ceiling 17,400ft. Max range with no Reserves 2170km (1170nm). TB 360 - Max Speed 322km/h (174kt), Cruising speed at 75% power 306km/h (165kt), at 45% Power 222km/h (120kt). Initial rate of Climb 1400ft/min. Service Ceiling 20,000ft. Range with Max fuel at 75% power 1480km (800nm), at 45% power 2110km (1140nm).

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