Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Diamond DA-20 Two Seat Light Aircraft and Basic Trainer

The Aircraft can also be fitted with conventional Flight Instrumentations. The Diamond DA20-C1 is a utility and trainer Aircraft designe and manufacture by Diamond Aircraft Industries, for Civilian Flight Training. Development of the DA20-C1 started in 1998.The DA20-C1 Aircraft have been in service with the US Air Force since 2002 to Train the Air Education Training Command cadets.Diamond Aircraft received a contract from the Ecuador Air Force (EAF) for the delivery of 12 DA20-C1 Aircraft and spare parts, in November 2011. The contract alsorequires the company to provide on-site support, and flight instructor and maintenance Training. The EAF received 6 of the 12 Aircraft in March 2012. The Aircraft were deployed to train rookie Pilots at Cosme Rennella training Academy at Salinas Air Base in Salinas, Ecuador.
The DA20-C1 is a new version of the DA20 utility and trainer Aircraft and is developed based on the HK36 Super Dimona 
Aircraft. The new version features a damage-tolerant Airframe design made of composite construction. It's capable of   operating in challenging high density altitude Conditions, and requires lesser acquisition and Operating costs.
The DA20-C1 utility and trainer Aircraft is provided with two glass cockpit options - Aspen EFD 1000 and Garmin G500. The  Aircraft can also be fitted with conventional flight Instrumentation.

A GNS 430 GPS/COM/NAV with glide slope is fitted to provide communication and navigation. A STEC 30 autopilot with  altitude hold is also fitted to the aircraft. It comprises of a directional gyro with heading bug, GPSS and a NSD 360A Slaved horizontal situation Indicator.

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